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How to apply bronzer

How to apply bronzer in the summer, almost every one of us wants ozłocić properly and give your skin a fresh appearance

In the summer, almost every one of us wants to properly ozłocić your skin and give it a fresh look, we often want to help our nature, and then reach for the Bronze -. As a reflection in the powder, cream, mousse - The .. Unfortunately, often we do not know how much we actually apply the bronzer. If you used the wrong wording, on the face can be stained or even brown lumps. But we do not lead to unaesthetic appearance, so heres how to apply bronzer.
course on first cleanse your face properly, using tailored to suit your skin type gels, face wash, then we can apply the lotion for dry skin, sensitive, combination and normal before applying bronzer needs a moisturizer or under makeup base -. for example, about 38 zl Cashmere - .. If your skin is very oily cosmetics are not required
Where zakupiłyśmy bronzing powder, we should apply a broad, soft brush - will give a natural looking tan -. When choosing cosmetics, try to choose a color one shade darker than our skin, maximum of two bells - in the end we want to look natural, not artificial -. return to the application of powder, at the beginning nabierzmy little preparation to brush the excess powder strzepmy lightly touching hands - Wrist -. Starting with the front of the nose, eyebrows Then brush gently brush to put a little on the chin forehead, nose and chin are places on the face of the tan quickly, so the makeup will look natural if we pronounced cheekbones, .... We emphasize bronzers instead of pink. In the case of an oval face is not recommended to paint the cheeks, below the cheekbones place. neck and shoulders are also bronzers brushes for color adjustment.
bronzers in the liquid or liquids we put almost identical primers and because they are designed to gently illuminate the entire face is worth investing in preparations containing nutrients and volatile silicones -. extend shelf life and cosmetic - .. for people with oily skin gels are recommended because of the consistency of first light, a thin layer of sponge rozprowadźmy Bronze, starting from the front and moving sight Remember that you do not miss the door -. not specified -. If you want to get even more tan, apply a little powder glow - as above -.
forget restraint and common sense, as a result of an excess of artificial beauty and ugly appearance.
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