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How to apply foundation on your face

How to apply foundation on the face of almost every one of us wants to adequately cover the weaknesses of your skin

Almost everyone of us wants to adequately cover the weaknesses of your skin - yellow, red pimples or even acne - .. I give her a nice, fresh look then we often want to help our skin and reach the base, unfortunately, often We do not know how much we actually apply cosmetics and in the case when improperly applied example, the face May appear darker than the rest of the skin patches. Fortunately, we have a piece of golden advice on the application of coating.
At first we should thoroughly cleanse the face, we can apply the gel Wash your face properly align our skin - we can find a variety of cosmetics such as Vichy and Bonjours and Ziaja and Dermedic -. alternative is to apply a tonic, as it allows you to restore the proper pH of skin cream Then nałóżmy -. during the summer may be the filter, and should have a light, fast absorbing texture -. Imposing coat to dry skin only highlight imperfections and especially dry place instead of cream base can be used to support -. such as Kashmir -. who will replace us Cream Sometimes, if I have very oily skin, it is not necessary to apply a moisturizer
example we are silicone sponge -. available at any drugstore or beauty salon - or brush - specialized cosmetic brushes, however, are quite expensive - or simply use it. fingers Moreover, it is important emphasized that before the imposition of preparation, points or discoloration is applied over the concealer We turn now to the example in the beginning we get a little primer and distribute it posuwistymi moves slightly out of sight Some suggest wklepywanie example - Covering ... then the result will be higher, sztuczniejszy and sometimes - if you overdo its surplus -.
Then, slowly move the soft, posuwistymi movements in the cheeks - just before the imposition of coating to the substrate or sponge -. distributed evenly base. across the cheeks, chin, then do not forget the nose; nałóżmy Again, a little preparation and rozprowadźmy him on the nose, color matching also remember to put a little primer on the chin and neck, so that he could not see the difference in color between one in. The second part of the Note border between the skin and hair -. little there, and nałóżmy beauty and rozprowadźmy him well, and not the result of dark spots Finally, imposing a large powder brush -. a universal, transparent powder -.

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