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How to remove corns

How to remove corns Corn is the hardening of the skin form a circle toes feet

. Corn
round hardening of the skin resulting in the thumb at the base of the stem or root of the corn goes into the skin by pressing on the sensitive layer of the periosteum tissue causing severe pain around the corn might be very red, and even inflammation of the busy condition ..... reading this article you will learn how to deal with nagniotkami
Causes Corns
cites four causes corns First, it is uncomfortable shoes - too tight or too small shoes -. Another reason may be incorrect, careless gait and even then it does not help and the most comfortable shoes corns can occur even if the ball is not well rounded and finally, the fourth leading cause of - .. are rarely the subject of genetic deformity fingers - fingers overlap -. In most cases, be a man and his negligence. most common symptoms of Corns the pain when walking in tight shoes, localized scleroderma, red, sensitive to pressure points on the finger and sore feet from walking barefoot.
treatment of corns.
Corns treatment method depends on the cause of their formation. If the cause is poorly chosen shoes, should in future refrain from hasty purchase. shoes should be purchased with caution, after careful przymiarce. for shopping, select the best hours in the afternoon, as the day your feet are swollen and it is very difficult to choose the right shoes. even better solution would be to track shape of the feet on cardboard, cut it and bring it to the store. Insert cardboard feet in your shoes and see how much free space was in the shoe Remember that shoes fit is half the battle if corn is due to improper way of walking -.! especially children -. to apply specific therapeutic exercises, which are organized by orthopedic surgeons when the reason for insufficient amounts of metatarsal bones should apply specific therapeutic insoles for shoes. They are available in stores and some pharmacies orthopedic OK. You can also buy orthopedic shoes to increase midfoot.
Removal of corns.
If corn is already created, use the special patch or ointment against nagniotkom. fat causes the softening of the horny skin. also alleviate discomfort baths with boric acid foot. In addition, you can buy a felt ring is available in pharmacies and drugstores, and apply it to the thumb. This ring will alleviate symptoms and help you avoid pain while walking.

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