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How to advertise cosmetic services

How to advertise cosmetic services visit a beautician, allegedly makes us more beautiful

visit the beauty salon, allegedly, what makes us beautiful Sometimes it happens, however, that skin instead of losing health benefits, and the client leaves the office with his head down and there are clients who visit the unreliable .. installations completed burned skin after application of cosmetics too invasive. the only thing you can do in this situation, negative promotion of plants?
u Paragon valid ID. / u
Remember to save him from receiving services - including aesthetic -. This is evidence of a contract between you and your facility
u If you are dissatisfied with the treatment, how to negotiate. term improvement / u
After paying for the procedure -. even failed - negotiate with the beautician improve conditions improved treatment has the effect that we see on our skin effect as declared at the beginning .. It is also worth mention the date when the amendment.
u you want someone else knows about it. / u
after this incident, the person; RA dealt with our beauty no longer raises our confidence, we have the right to ask us to someone else Theoretically, it is possible to completely withdraw from the contract, but in practice are difficult to negotiate because it is associated with a full money back .. more remarkable by the fact that the burden rests on the recipient of service deficiencies.
u not pay for treatment they do not know. / u
If the cost of operations, which ; risk that you make is different than what you said, you do not have to pay for activities that are undertaken without your consent as a reference using masks, creams, cosmetics and other accessories .. Beauty is with you in close contact, so that should be set in such cases for approval.
u bag ruined your skin? fight for compensation. / u
If the purpose of liquidation błędóww cosmetic surgery face significant costs in themselves, the example, had an operation in another salon, buy special creams and ointments to restore the proper appearance of the skin, you can claim compensation. This requires, of course, the desire to fight for their law, self-denial, and time. In support of his case to keep all accounts showing the cost.

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