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How to whiten nails

How to whiten nails Want to have beautiful, well-groomed nails Want girls and men drew the most attention to womens fashion hues that decorate the nails in his hands to his feet Every woman knows that the appearance of our hands and feet are often the bait? For men

want a nice, well-groomed fingernails want girls and women warned of most womens fashion hues that adorn the nails in his hands to his feet Every woman knows that the appearance of our hands and feet often? A lure for men. For this reason, We strive to make our nails are always nice wypiƂowane, skin removed and glistened trendy nail color. However, the drama begins when the color washes and notice that the color of light changes to yellow. not true, but a decrease in horror, but as soon as it is possible to take care of the nail bleach. There are several ways you can remove the ugly color of your nails. Here.
know how to prevent the formation of yellow color on your nails, you should first understand what makes our nails to become unaesthetic color. could be several reasons. One of the most common reason is the use of dark nail polish, or often simply too easy to polish. In addition, yellow nails can indicate a variety of diseases and illnesses such as:. psoriasis, hepatitis or chronic infections and taking certain drugs can lead to discoloration of the nail to act in this way carotene, tetracycline and riwanol mepakryna
all the time if you paint the nails .. darker shades, you must reckon with the fact that sooner or later they will change the natural shade. not break In this situation, but give them a break from the paint. If, therefore, while not paint your nails, yellow colors will be shifted with the increase of the nail until it is returned to its natural, healthy color. Also keep in mind that your nails need to breathe and should Oxygen. In addition, you must remember that before the imposition of shade, consider first a special colorless conditioner that will protect the nail.
But if your nails become yellow, you can remove it with a solution of water with lemon juice. If it does not help, you should try to clean your nails with hydrogen peroxide.
In the case of very hard yellow and washable shade of yellow, some recommend using detergent to clean the nail bed.
cosmetics on the market are no special preparations for the bleaching of the nail. may take the form of tablets that are dissolved in water, and then moczysz nails on this solution. You can also buy special creams lubricated finger nails. After some time, the nail should be bleached.

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