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How to Choose the cleavage of the statue

How to choose the neckline to the statue of the stores will find blouses with almost all possible types of cut

Stores will find blouses with almost all possible types of neck how they want to emphasize the benefits of figures, or distract attention from the failure to remember a few simple rules
?. In Collar American / u - .. always reminds me of Marilyn Monroe is reserved for the lucky owner of a perfect medium-sized breasts will look bad with small breasts, and too rich Important are also on the back straight as an emblem. spoil the effect. visually lengthens and slims the upper body.
u cleavage Spanish / u, also known as Carmen. nicely exposes the shoulders, narrow waist and emphasizes womens hips. It is, however, a bad choice for owners of broad shoulders, as it will seem even more powerful. also should decide on the ladies with a wider waist, like this cleavage, although it is soft and romantic, will make this figure will be less sensitive.
seafront cleavage diamonds. / u can be rectangular or square . best to have a very heavy breasts, which visually or less short neck, which is to hand ... more suits for him balconet bra if not the best, because it would look like if you have broad shoulders
boat neckline u / u nice to be displayed in a woman with a tight, shapely shoulders and small breasts. would be ideal if you do not want to reveal too much flesh. Optical reducing neck, does not look too good on short people.

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