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How to clean gold jewelry

How to clean gold jewelry gold jewelry and other gold items on time no longer shines as before

gold jewelry and other gold items on time no longer shines as before, but there are simple ways to restore the ancient and magnificent splendor
Remember that different treatment needs .. gold jewelry and other jewelry with precious stones . the following tips for gold.
Put the jewelry in warm water with baking soda and soap flakes. per liter of water will have to be 5 grams and 50 grams of soda soap flakes. best cleaning exercise in the jar, because then turn around and shake for 2 minutes . Then rinse the jewelry in running water and polish with a soft cloth.
gold jewelry requires special attention because it is very easy to wipe the gold layer. Rub with a soft cloth dampened in a solution of lemon juice and salt in the water.
If jewelry is the only dusty, just wash it with soap and water.
If you see a red coat on him, soap, there is not enough - Prepare a solution of salt - 5 tablespoons of salt per 1 liter of boiling water -. and dip it into the jewelry on the bottom and sides of pan put a little aluminum foil jewelry will be cleared the same and you can submerge it in a fresh solution when notice. that the movie does not correspond to more pollution. Finally, clean the item should be washed with soap and water.
instead of saline solution you can use regular vodka. Soak jewelry in a glass of alcohol and leave it on all night. vodka you can replace the cola. Green Action
remove citric acid - just dive into the topic if the attack is not trivial, it may be enough lemon juice
Dirt rozworze also remove ammonia from water nice manicure.
Take care of your nails. If they are damaged, split or break, for now, let take a break from the paint. Turn it on improving additives, preferably in a cream, one that can be applied several times a day, nails, on the occasion of the skin.
Skins do not cut, designed to soften the preparations for them, and pushes a wooden stick. Cut will play with you will ruin the whole effect beautifully painted tiles. You May also inadvertently damage the tiles and quietly, and when the damage to nail growth comes to an end, it will break or rozdwoi.
time to time special polish, nail polish. smooth the nail surface and paint will stick better. Change
nail file. glass, which does not cause splitting nails Moreover, it is very hygienic -. can be washed with soap and water
When the nails have to regenerate, you can return the painting Begin with nail cleaner degreaser without acetone then paint color .. ship - it will prolong the life of a manicure
When dry, pull the nails below the enamel, two coats between each layer, wait for it to dry thoroughly prior
Finally, paint the nails top coat, which harden manicure ... . and further nabłyszczy This manicure stand much longer
If paint dries too slowly, you can help nail wysuszaczem - .. Apply one drop on each nail
If coated with paint, never dilute the nail polish remover it - cause the deterioration of its quality, resulting in far less lasting
Domestic always follow when wearing gloves
best not to buy cheap color of their Durability is sometimes surprisingly short, A. .. Moreover evenly distributed.
time to time, like once a month, you should let your nails breathe and allow easy and, instead, several times a day, apply a conditioning cream. Well, that such an interruption lasted a week.

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