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How to make a smoky brown

How to make a smoky brown smokey eyes are usually associated with black or otherwise

smoky usually associated with black or otherwise - dark -. Shades Popiels But it must remain when it comes to painting eyes so recently become increasingly in vogue, but the browns were given an entirely different?. Effect and otherwise convey the depth of vision. Switch to black to brown smokey eyes! Its that simple.
The trick is to get all
and we put the hood and other important cosmetic Thus, the first selected
, the contours of the eye eyeliner Eyeliner can be black or dark brown - .... It does not matter, it will still be first base, draw the greatest cover, then at the bottom of your
then move on to the imposition of shade. darker have a deeper tone eye shadow should be. This is the golden rule, in order to properly choose the right shade. It will seem strange, but mysterious and appealing.
shades of chocolate brown and lighter than all the measures are well suited for smoky eyes. also You must decide if your beauty is more suitable strong dark eyes, and gentle.
Do not forget to apply an appropriate primer and base. Well, prepare the skin. following will apply a darker shade. will best be flat brush. Apply dark brown eyeshadow on the lower eyelid. Bring the brush to the point where you will find that the shadow should end, and that is how you will look good. usually go for the shadow to the outer corner. You can usually pull a shade to the brow. But try this kind of makeup before going out .
now time to draw a lighter shade. Apply it from the inner corner of eye to the middle of the eyelid and eyebrow. Just Married off the border between colors. Remember the darker the shade should be no more. Add it to the eyelid and even if You have decided that it was not enough. Best rippling shadow will be bright. especially in the larger parties.
end neatly wytuszuj lashes. Decide on extending and thickening eyelashes. Match the color of ink color eyeliner. This is a trick used by designer to the most natural appearance.

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