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How to make a professional makeup

How to make a professional make-up each of us has this problem

Everyone of us has this problem and the make-up artist I have had it too, but I can do professional make-up and I want to share it with you suitable for a professional image, on fashion runways, and above all else. . the wieczór.Dominują sharp colors in it.
przyszykowanie face foundation make-up. Apply the appropriate shade of foundation, with flecks of glitter powder, concealer and bronzer. also rose, but what is important to be tight pink hue. should be enough, also economize bronzer. recommend spray coating, it is more convenient to apply and can no longer be maintained.
Then put the base on the eyelids, the shadow will be stronger and more durable.
We We started with a clear, pearly white shadow applied to the entire eyelid, from brow after moving. Then the strong pink-best in the cream shadow on the entire mobile eyelid. crash, and a little more orange, bright colors. Silver glitter in the outer corner, apply it with a gentle touch. Full Draft eye color pencil on a dark bottle green or navy blue. gently pull the lower eyelid brokatowo-pearl shadow in the form of dust.
give false lashes or clumps. make up for it, However, we recommend false eyelashes. Simply glue the lashes, in this case, because the black lashes to be long, dense and difficult czarne.Przyklejamy them with focus and precision.

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