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How to prevent aging skin

How to prevent skin aging Instead of praying for a smooth skin, begin to take care of each other

Instead of praying for a smooth skin, begin to worry about yourself Here are the ten commandments of healthy appearance produced by the best experts in the field of dermatology Try and you will see that it is worth
u Using UV Cream / u
the sun is shining strongly, or only sprinkles of rain -. regardless of the protection against solar radiation is absolutely crucial factor that affects premature skin aging do. to use a good, strong filter adapted to your skin type. Be Also make sure that the range of products for protection against radiation. UVA and UVB rays are essential. Remember, regular use of a filter is first and foremost
quit smoking / u Cigarettes not
only increases the risk of cancer and cause bad breath, but also removes from the body of collagen and elastin production and reduce estrogen levels, which is a very destructive effect on the skin
u USE retinoids / u -
retinoids. derivatives Vitamin A - is a great way to slow the biological clock. use of retinoids, but reduce the signs of aging skin and effectively postpone the next.
seafront PROTECTION hydration / u
The human body is composed mainly of water molecules. the skin hydrated, looks nicer. key is to drink lots of water, and the withdrawal of coffee and carbonated beverages. also regularly uses moisturizing preparations, do not forget to choose a suitable for your skin type.
u enough sleep / u
swollen eyes and flabby skin, make up wrinkle-free face looks tired and under the influence of age. When the body relaxes, the skin is the same, regenerating, and reducing tension. Remember, the skin is loose skin is beautiful!
u maintain a stable body weight / u
no secret that continuous exposure to yo-yo effect on the skin is a real torture. With age, skin loses its elasticity, and elongation to turn leaner and fuller body much faster this process. greater weight change, the harder it is later returned smoothness of the skin.
u Eat healthy / u
your skin gets the nutrients are not only costly kremówi pobytóww spa, but mainly from the food we eat. balanced Nutrition is a requirement for a healthy and youthful appearance. Be sure that you take vitamins if you do. especially healthy for the fish oil leather products - such as salmon - dark green vegetables - broccoli, spinach -., almonds, walnuts, rich in antioxidants, Green tea, however, sugar and alcohol real killer skin - its better once he stopped . br u
CONCERN physical effort / u
Exercise improves blood circulation to the skin, which eventually improves its appearance. not need to go immediately to the gym. Half an hour of exercise four / five times a week really makes a difference - Clay waiver
u REMEMBER to relax / u
healthy body, healthy. spirit. .. and vice versa. Everyone has their own ways to cope with stress, so that it can find and do not be afraid to spend some time with them. excess stress accelerates the aging process, and thus a quick way to wrinkled, tired ears.!. Rice
u does not spin / u
Some habits of youth for life Adulthood does not mean that the pimples will disappear and all -. the contrary, some people are fighting with them over the years as the skin regenerates mature slower rate, also follows the bench will be visible for a long time so Curb youthful instincts and take care of preventing the problem from scratch -. help you with that clean a tonic blocked pores. If the temptation was stronger and face were red marks on his zmaltretowanych shortcomings, seek to fillers to accelerate wound healing.

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