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How to remove blisters

How to remove blisters One of the strangest parts of our bodies was hailed feet

One of the strangest parts of our bodies was hailed as the foot of each one of us wants to have a nicely shaped feet, no yellow nails, crooked fingers and smell Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not everyone was as long as we are .., Each one of us will find something similar in your own interest, one of the biggest problems of blisters -. MS -. which are formed usually on the legs and sides These are often painful hardening of the yellow
. br
u causes the formation of callus . / u
blisters occur as a result of flat feet, too tight shoes, or a static disorder in the body. In addition, blisters are often vulnerable women walking in high heels, or obese. This is the bodys natural protective response to emphasis on those parts of the skin, while walking. Sometimes it is not treated calluses cause such pain to keep us going.
U How to get rid of them / u
First, keep in mind that excision of the skin is not very effective. As a result, the callus will grow even bigger and thicker.
your goal is to gradually remove modzelu. First, you have a decent soak your feet in the softened calluses. You can even add a little salt or essential oils into the water.
As we get soaking your feet on the foot of the curb or pumice stone and rub the affected spot. will help you to get rid of the accumulated dead skin. Also thanks to the epidermis under the blisters will be able to regenerate. Peelinguj feet.
not attempt to dispose of large blisters on time. their removal can take several weeks or even months. moisturize your feet and oil lubricate after every bath and remove calluses foot stands.
You can also mix an aspirin with a little lemon juice and rozrobić it into mush. Place it to blister. Then wrap your feet thick towel and leave twenty minutes. This will help soften hard skin. After twenty minutes, wash your feet, wipe the skin more and / or moisturizing wsmaruj.
To prevent recurrence of accidents to visit a specialist. He the best advise you on how to prevent the re-hardening of the skin.

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