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How small eye color

How to paint small eyes Maybe you were not born naturally large eyes like Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes

Maybe you were not born naturally large eyes like Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes, Do not worry be done visually enlarge the eyes and that you will look like Hollywood stars here are a few of them .. tricks and tips that will help you learn portray small eyes.
Put the lid base for shadows. Take the base a little on the small and ring finger and gently rub with your fingers until it reaches room temperature. something better arises heated base. Apply to cleansed base eyelid, starting from the inner corner eye, ranging from lash line to the forehead. base evenly, rubbing the eyelids.
Choose the right shade. Application or pearl-white shadow on the whole eyelid. It allows visually enlarge the eyes. Bright Shadow is the first layer of your makeup. Now you have to give dimension. Apply a darker shade in the collapse of the eyelid and outer corner of the eye. To emphasize iris color and create the illusion of larger eyes, choose a shade whose color contrasts with the color of your eyes to blue eyes are brown, the colors green and purple plums, to brown .. dark gray, black or blue Now the trick will be open their eyes: the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrows, gently apply a very light, almost transparent shadow brightening. good friction. Highlight
eyeliner contour. to enlarge eyes just draw a line along the upper lash line. Start from the inner corner. dash start drawing gently and thickens slightly further out. line should be roughly the length of about 1/3 of the outer corner of eye. outer corner slightly lift it up, giving the illusion eyes wide open. point should be very soft and begin to immediately end the iris and the outer corner of eye. to look more natural, select a crayon in a light shade of brown or gray. When you draw a longer line, rub it gently so as not to have sharp edges.
Apply mascara. band lashes and apply two coats of mascara does not extend - Top lashes only -. If you have clear skin and eyelashes, try mascara in dark brown or dark plum to dark skin is a good black mascara and the eye shadow, apply .. more mascara on the lashes at the outer corner of eye.

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