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How to cut her hair

How to cut hair how to cut hair to not regret later Shear Hair seems to be simple

how to cut hair to not regret later Shear Hair seems to be a simple theory, you should only go to the hairdresser, but you do not visit that ended in tears and groans
.. Choosing the right stylist

all starts with choosing the right haircut. If hairdressers are on every corner, it is not easy to find a hairdresser who specializes in a particular type of hair. For example, if you have curly hair you have to find someone who deals only with such hair. curly hair is not easy to cut the hair bugs are visible after the first hair straightening.
same goes for color. If you have dark hair and want to be a light blue look about as a barber, who has considerable experience in lightening your hair.
do their
your homework Nothing annoys hairdressers as a person who tries to explain how the hairstyle you desire and need not be mutually pictures. Imagine that a client says I want to look like Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton, blonde or brunette? Paris in 2005 or 2000? A actually looks like Paris Hilton now?
out the barber Bring photo - and possibly some pictures
never say: Please do my hair, such as / think, You do not want
Barber wypraktykowaƂ himself in the head crazy new. hairstyle? Many hairdressers only wait for such occasions. Take into account the fact that it is better salons, such practice is free, which means that the client does not pay for the service.
length hair to show their hands.
too often happens that the barber please undercut by two inches and always intersects 10th It shows us where to cut the hand dryer.
Take the time to consult
Talk. hair on the hair before decapitation or discoloration Barber should know how to look after drying hair, how are you stacking them on a daily basis as a comb, which means that you use, you have a healthy tip and how much time a day you spend - and spend more - on their appearance
Listen to the barber / hairdresser
If your hairdresser is considered to be better in gold blondzie not insist on the power of the shadow of platinum this model in the picture .. looks good in the shade, does not mean that it is equally well suited you trust your stylist
Ask questions .. What color is most suitable for me, Does my hair look like Paris Hilton hair in this picture?, Is it to achieve this effect I will have to spend much time in the morning to blow?. If your
hairdresser for a reason distracts you hairstyle or hair color, Resist not him. Her hair does not grow so fast, as it seems.
Be honest with your hairstylist Lots of styles require daily hair washing, drying and styling is suitable for at least 20 minutes. So, if the last few years, requiring only comb your hair and possibly spray paint, tell your stylist. Otherwise you can buy beautiful hair, the source , which unfortunately will not be able to deal with.

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