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How to deal with swollen eyes

How to deal with swollen eyes How often do we look in the mirror and jump back on the eye bags under the eyes

How often do we look in the mirror and jump back on the eye bags under the eyes is enough that very little has emerged: posters, light zaziębienie and sleepless nights or sleeping too long counter and swollen eyes done .. Especially in the spring as a sign of allergies but may be due to the suspension of drinking water because of too much alcohol. How can I wear this sign offensive?
drink water!
Drinking lots of water is the best remedy for almost all the evils associated with the skin. In this case, drinking water should be addressed to the water retention in the body, and that is our whole point.
too much and not too little. best to plant them head on a pillow, or even two. high head position relative to the rest of the body will prevent the accumulation of fluid around the eyes.
If you already wake up with bags, to apply appropriate cosmetics. It will work with caffeine astringent and quickly reduce the swelling ..!. suitable for soothing cosmetics, with the addition of cucumber or cold Chamomile
effectively relieves symptoms of colds can thus follow the advice grandmother and put on the eyelids super tea bags - of course, already feverish - or put a chilled spoon. fastest, but it will get pre-cooling mask and keep it on safe in the refrigerator.

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