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How to Cure Finger Felon

How to Cure Finger Felon Felon is an acute inflammation of the finger

criminal is an acute inflammation of the fingers there is purulent inflammation of tissue around the nail or the whole hand inside Ropotwórcze bacteria often invade a small incision, wound infection chronic disease causing whitish mold .... If you do not know how to cure nail brace - This article is for you
causes finger brace
reason for this extremely painful inflammatory conditions May be small, even cuts and wounds, often caused when performing manicures and fingernail removal of the skin. skin can also hurt in the so-called ingrown toenail. back nail. bacteria, usually staphylococcus, also penetrate through cracks in the skin of the fingers. infection is much easier during the illness and weakness. dry, cracked and dirty skin is susceptible to infection. deficiency is frequent wetting and drying hands inaccurate.
Inflammatory squares hand can be very dangerous, especially if the infection is related to the deeper layers of tissue. tendon sheath are so interconnected that help bacteria and microorganisms to move from one place to another. In this way, the infection can quickly take the next finger. Failure brothers bone leading to necrosis of the fall.
finger brace Signs
infected site is red and swollen. skin around the wound is hot, tight and bright. patient feels like stabbing pain, which gradually takes the shape of a clear and strong pain. connective links due to its specific structure, allow the penetration of infection into the subcutaneous tissue, tendons, tendon sheaths, periosteum and bone.
Treatment of nail brace
If the inflammation of tissues covering only the surface of the skin, then just use an antibiotic ointment. contrast , when it attacked the deeper layers of skin, tendons, periosteum, and even the bones, then surgery is needed.
World family treatments for nail
brothers brothers in the initial stage of the way home is worth a try -. soap dissolved in water and soak your hands in it then infected place to impose astringent ointment the doctor should be notified after the expiry date. three days after the onset of obvious symptoms of infection. Prevention
nail brace to avoid infection should be done very carefully manicure treatment. remove the skin around the nail is not Use sharp tools to remove the skin and not too far into the pocket of the nail does not stay open. Also avoid cutting the skin around the nails.

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