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How to stop bleeding caused by injury, while shaving

How to stop bleeding due to injury, while shaving Have you ever cut while shaving course, not one time

you ever cut while shaving course, and not one often happens that the wound bleed for a long time - several hours .. So here are some ways to quickly stop bleeding from wounds.
Fierce wash area with cold water and put the petals of beauty or a piece of paper tissue.
Place ice cubes by pressing a towel for about 2 minutes.
get clearance stores herbal pharmacy in the water extract of witch hazel. Saturate a tissue and press downtime. Maybe a little pinch, but is an excellent astringent.
You can also get a special agent inhibiting bleeding in the sticks -. Alum Rub top cuts, rinse and let dry before closing it is not dirty clothes, not skin and smell
alum has been known since antiquity as a natural cover of bleeding after shaving just a little pebble ... Wipe wounds and bleeding incentives immediately. cube alum should be moistened with water before use.
alum is in the form of granular aggregates, infiltration, creating attacks and skin rashes. mineral is common and widespread. This occurs in the immediate vicinity of Sandomierz, Miedzyzdroje, in Lower Silesia.
stick powder you can substitute for the control of bleeding. just sprinkle a little powder and stop the bleeding, scab occurs.

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