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How to make a skirt from mens shirts

How to make a skirt from mens shirts next tutorial you will learn how the mens shirt with buttons make the cut skirt tied at the back of the tape

Following tutorial you will learn how the mens shirt with buttons make the cut skirt tied at the back of the ribbon to make this skirt, you know the basics of sewing and sewing machine has
fra. Set along a line on the collar all shirts. line should not be too close to another button. It will be at the top of your skirt.
shirt Cut along the line.
Turn a T-shirt in the opposite direction. tailors using the ruler draw a straight line on each side of the skirt from shoulder to bottom edge. Trim excess material and then staple the sides together.
Cut the cuffs of both sleeves of the shirt. then cut them at the seams. Wyprasuj It was not the knee. of the sleeves do line skirt.
sleeves cut a rectangular strip width of 12 cm . total length of two strips of the two sleeves in this case was 180 cm. Keep in mind that the tape after the weld should be equal Unless you have a waist circumference plus the portion required for the formation of a bow.
Staple together all stripes get a long tape.
along the upper edge of the skirt to make a simple, loose seams. necessary to collect material.
Pull one end of the thread and collecting material at the waist. upper skirt should be about 2-3 inches wider than the waist.
Place a bar on top. Both parts of the edge of the skirt is on the left side of you - you should see the seam skirt and belt -. Make sure the strap is long enough that you could tie przyszyciu
Fold the edges of the belt by making marks. width of about 1 cm and then przyprasuj.
make strip in half length. edge of the skirt should be found between the two bands. so complex sprayed a bar, and then sew.
skirt ready!

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