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How to sew a bag out of old jeans

How to sew a bag out of old jeans in search of their own style and original, unique additives often wander into second-hand stores, or let the reins to his imagination and start treatment arm

Finding your own style and original, special additives are often used to wander in stores, or let the reins to his imagination and begin to hand processing Both ways are good options, but in ciucholandach not always find exactly. That we care . Meanwhile, using your hand skills, we will give you all the style, characteristic only for us. So well spend a little time, such as sewing bags jeans. looks really cool and stylish, and in addition to Ready pockets for smaller items.
begin to find the right pants. May He be our old jeans that are tighter in such
u no how they no longer wear. You can also go for the clothes and where to buy us a pair that fits a few pounds, but remember that second-hand jeans washed before handling. It is important to us colored pants suit and best not to have fallen too low rear pockets.
Now that we have a matching pair, exceeds the lower legs. are cut just above
migration, so that ultimately it is what others like trouser denim mini skirt. reduce the use of sharp, large scissors, so that the material utniemy straight and start to shred it immediately. broke the leg absolutely do not throw out because they still need us.
Our mini skirt to turn inside out and sew free, lower edge. Since this will be at the bottom of our bags, it is important to put Measure the distance and then just put the tape on the second bottle.
Cut the bottle with tape around the blade to be cut off. In this way, even cut off the crown.
Now, just sew the zipper on both Deneka. Done.
Bottles can also be cut above the coffin was higher.

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