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How to make a facial treatment

How to Connect the facial hair on the back of the head and secure it with Bobby pins or hair bands

Tie the hair on the back of the head and secure it with Bobby pins or hair bands
Wash face with warm water and dishwasher facial customized to your skin type, and then dry with a towel ..
Fill a sink or sink with hot, steaming.
Put a towel on his head and lean over the sink / bowl so low, until you feel the warmth on my face. towel on his head like a tent should be compared to. head and water withdrawal within a few keep a towel for a few minutes - can be up to 15 minutes - until your face will be warm and humid
hot water before adding mint or lemon to refresh. Cleanse your face and paranasal sinuses.
Apply on wet face peeling . Apply it with your fingers using gentle circular motions, starting in the middle of the face and slowly moving towards hair. Do not use the peels to the skin around the eyes, which is very sensitive.
gently but thoroughly remove the scrub with warm water.
Apply the mask on the face. Apply fingers her soft, circular movements. Avoid eyes and mouth area. mask used by the package.
for oily skin use a mud mask, try a moisturizer for dry, moisturizing gel - gel -. or creamy nourishing mask
Lie on your back and apply to eyes fresh cucumber slices Relax. and lie until you pass the time in which you should put on a mask.
Remove the cucumbers from the eyes.
Rinse the mask with warm water.
Sop face with cold water, or better yet -. it all soak for a few seconds of cold water in a bowl of cold water closes the pores
dry face towel, apply a moisturizer on your face ...

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