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How to Choose a Tshirt

How to choose a shirt Choosing the right t-shirt is an important part of the overall mens clothing

... Choosing the right t-shirt is an important part of the overall mens clothing Whether you are buying a shirt for yourself whether you want to make a gift to someone read the following instructions When you buy a shirt but must take into account many important things style, color , quality and size are the most important details that are really important.
u Note the collar. / u
mens shirts have different kinds of specially equipped collars are the most popular: long, with narrow flange spaced ends, a collar with buttons at the ends of the flange with short widely spaced regions
long necklace with a narrow gap region - the ends are directed straight to the ground ... and come to one place for this type of shirt collar fits small attached tie
collar with buttons at the ends -. have a traditional collar shirt in which the ends of the small keys, connecting it to your shirt. Assuming this type of shirt youll certainly more casual look
collar with short widely spaced regions -. between neck and the collar ends included angle of 45 º shirts with collars of this type have a large area of ​​the tie
.. / ul
seafront Check cuffs. / u
Another important factor is style of shirt cuffs. sleeves with buttons are generally less than elegant french cuffs that is much more suitable for large events. French cuffs generally require special buckle fastening cuffs, a very traditional and elegant accessory.
u elegance and freedom. / u
There are many types of mens shirts -. from very formal to avail factors such as fabric, color tailors determine how chic shirts
u fabric .. / u
shirts can be made of different materials, a mixture of polyester and cotton - typically elegant shirts -. the silk or linen So you have to think about whether the shirt will be worn under jackets or jeans or a suit.
also consider whether the shirt should be be made of materials resistant to the edge or stains. If you travel frequently with a shirt niemnącego material would be an excellent choice. check that the shirt can be washed at home should be cleaned or dry cleaning.
Other factors that determine the quality of the shirt is the thickness of the material. shirts are quality two layers, and the material is stronger and softer. For information about the material, make a collar. If not trimmed, it can be assumed that the material is of inferior quality.
Check the side seams. high-quality shirts will have only one line sewing, while most other shirt has two shirts are the keys to better connect the ends of T-shirts Make holes - .. irregular seam means that the hand-sewn and hand much better quality. tailored shirts fit much better into the body.
u Choosing the right color. / u
When buying a shirt, do not forget to choose the right color. of TSA in his suit. brown and beige shirt will not fit into the gray or black suit, but would look perfect in combination with brown suit or jeans or pants in khaki. For content to take a friend who will help you choose the color shirt that will fit.
Do not be afraid of color. traditional outfit looks great in combination with a shirt in a shade of precious or pastel colors. will look like confident and elegant. Also, assuming that is your daily fashion, you can brighten up a little trouser shirt in a bright color or bold pattern.
If you want a shirt for the special forces with a partner, you will understand what is going to paint His machines synchronize it with him . certainly do not want to appear on the shirt in red, while your partner would be wearing a pink dress.
u Where to buy a shirt / u Buying
appropriate shirt is not so simple. There is plenty of Our shop sells t-shirts, but where to buy to make sure that it will be of adequate quality? go to the store with mens clothing, where the dealer will help and advise from. Keep in mind the price. shirts in these stores will certainly be more expensive than those purchased at the department during the bazaar.
u Check the fit. / u
When you decide to have a shirt on a particular model, one would try it. Put it on yourself and fasten all the buttons at the bottom of the door . Please note that you are well spaced and there is no difference in the distances between them. between the flange and the neck should be a small space where it should put two or three fingers. Bend arm at the elbow to make sure that the sleeves are the right length. in no case should grow up to the wrist. Check
include hand cuffs and the shirt does not fit in your hand. should be able to take off their shirt cuffs until they open guzikóww. begin to move, to make sure that t-shirt Not too much strain on your back or chest. Raise your arms above your head to make sure that the shirt is long enough, ranging from trousers.
u size. / u
When buying a shirt, give special attention on its size. Most shirts can be reduced slightly during the first wash, so choose one that will have little to spare.
If you want to buy a shirt as a gift, make sure you have all the necessary measures. You will need your neck circumference, chest circumference and sleeve length. If you want to be a surprise, check the size of a shirt, which hangs in the closet.

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