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How to choose glasses

How to choose glasses Nice new glasses frames are just as important as their durability and comfort

Nice new glasses frames are just as important as their durability and comfort you look good in them will fit the shape of your face you feel comfortable with them wearing
/? Select frames should not be long and painful. However, most of us have a habit of going to the store and measure every optical frames that fall into our hands. After a while we fall into despair and tearing your hair wondering how it should look and Rimless glasses is also very good visibility of this type face.
u Diamond face. / U
face shape to fit the frame with thick or decorative frames and rimless glasses. Br
u square face. / U
If you have a square face, you look best in a holder, which are wide and short, because visually lengthen the face.
u color bearers. / U
What color is a group, depends on three factors: hair color, eyes and skin. You can choose from a group of warm colors are based on yellow - and cold - on the basis of the blue - You are the best looking in the holder, which belong to the group of colors - for example piwnookie szatynki will look best in warm hues surrounded by -.

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