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How to choose the right specs

How to choose the right glasses selection of glasses always makes us a lot of trouble

choice of glasses always makes us much trouble, even more so if they are not sunglasses and will have to cope much longer ago, all they need to improve our vision, we must remember that glasses can also decorate the a daily basis. Here are some tips on how to choose the right glasses for you that will help you to buy them.
First of all, buy glasses in optical shop. would not buy, however, in the first optyku in which you are entering. look at some of them. Compare prices and services. an experienced optician can help you choose sunglasses for your face shape and corresponding to the lens.
shape and size of the frame depends on the use of glasses. If you use them only for reading, you can choose a smaller frame. But if they serve you throughout the day and in every situation, choose the larger framework. This will limit your field of vision.
first frame set your face shape. properly matched will form our decoration. They can slim down and shape our face, and even hide any imperfections.
buying eyeglasses, notice of which the frames are made. They must not only look good, but we long to serve. If you want to choose durable metal frames -. if necessary, you can always just replace the glass and look great with plastic frames, they are far less durable currently very fashionable and more and more sellers are frameless glasses They are lightweight, have only a glass - plastic .. -, toe and temples. look elegant and will match any outfit
Note also thumb - ... to customize your site must be made of soft material and flexible, and good adhesion to the nose Bad selected will squeeze and leave red marks, and you feel comfortable. Select
photochromic lenses that protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. glasses in such areas should be completely transparent, and external exposure to the sun to darken. you will not spend more money to buy sunglasses.

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