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How to naturally strengthen the capillaries

To strengthen the capillaries, of course, Spider veins occur when the vein walls are weak and lose their flexibility

spider veins occur when the vein walls are weak and lose their elasticity If you frequently go to the doctor to make sure that not a symptom of a disease medications, such as .. For example, aspirin, blood thinners have properties which can lead to rupture of blood vessels. Also avoid high temperatures and alcohol. Fortunately, they have plants to bring you relief. reinforce the walls of blood vessels and increases their flexibility. can be purchased from any good herb shop.
u cranberry. / u It contains antioxidants, which play an important role in the cardiovascular system. Antioxidants repair and regenerate broken and weakened capillaries and veins. Included cranberry blueberry antioxidants increase the production of glycosaminoglycans, which are useful in syntezowaniu collagen to strengthen the walls of veins and arteries. can eat berries as a dietary supplement.
u Myszopłoch - Ruszczyk -. / u Myszopłoch contains two active ingredients and neoruskogeninę ruscogenin that reduce inflammation and strengthen the walls of veins and arteries can buy it in capsules myszopłocha But be careful if you have high blood pressure
u gotu kola. / u This plant contains flavonoids, which increase the tone of the heart muscle. Regular use of gotu kola żylakówi reduces scar formation. for przeciwobrzękowo, improves the function of capillaries. Smooths the skin; .. Rubb and improves moisture Do not use during pregnancy can cause miscarriage
u ARNIKA common / u Arnica to soothe the pain caused by inflammation of the veins and capillaries .. bad blood. It also helps eliminate bruising. You can use dressings or creams that contain Arnica. You can also add a few drops in a glass of water.
u comfrey. / u is one of the longest used herbs when it comes to treating the skin. Relieves inflammation of veins and capillaries. It is also very good for bruises and other skin damage. and all thanks to the content alantoniny. you can use cream with comfrey, or do I have to do. Do not use comfrey internally, it can damage the liver.
u parsley. / u This is a very popular herb may be successfully used to treat bruises pajączkówi. Nawilż parsley and apply firmly to the desired location, wrap a bandage. longer leave the pack, the better. Every time you use fresh parsley.
u Turmeric. / u Widely used herb. you ga found in your kitchen also added that the curry prevents clots, increases blood flow and strengthens blood vessel walls
u Geranium - Geranium ... -. / u Supports restoration of broken capillaries, is used to treat eczema and bruises. It speeds up healing.

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