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How to dress to look thinner

How to dress to look slimmer majority of women

Most women - or at least a large percentage of them -. We want to look slimmer look attractive, be able to put on nice clothes, and I just feel better, but without following a strict diet There are many ways. Can handle tłuszczyk to cover here and there.
u Choose jeans that are a little spread on the bottom, or have flat feet. / u add visual balance to your body. Hips question will be smaller and thinner thighs.

seafront friends with black. / u Black visually slims your figure., not for nothing that he was hailed as a slimming color. really works! worst thing you can do is to wear light clothing.
u Wear well-tailored clothes, not baggy. / u If you set loose, wear down the match. and vice versa. broad shapeless clothes rather than hide unnecessary visibility tłuszczyk to it unnecessarily. Do not wear tight clothes, however, but a good fit. Avoid pants with a reduced state. Check clincher ugly belly.
u Demonstrate the parts of the body, which again I think they are right. / u If you want to hide your thighs, wear black pants, red top to them. Order will draw attention away from the black bottom and visibility, for example, breast. Add to this necklace yet, and already fully staring eyes away from the hips and shows off your neck and face.
u Choose dresses sewn in the shape of the letter A. / u In general it is the best fit for you. gently flows around the abdomen, hips and thighs. I do not need to pull the belly.
u Bet on your feet. / u A long, wide skirts but none odjęły pounds. Choose dresses but shorter, in the knee. Register for this pin, which will further lengthen the silhouette. If you have a fair complexion, consider using self-tanning lotion. darker complexion further wyszczupli body.
u Wear comfortable underwear, not too little and not too tight. / u Shops offer a wide range of seamless bras and panties exposing her breasts. Underwear should not be wrzynać in the body and create unnecessary additional fałdek. should feel comfortable and confident.
u Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes . / u Select the vertical line, and because they have more to lose weight, because the direct view from top to bottom and vice versa, rather than one side to another. Even long necklace or a scarf that is used to extend the ordinary blouse silhouette. Avoid overlapping
u clothes, ruffles, żabotówi other elements that add volume. / u you can possibly afford such things at the door, but not on the hips. If you are not rich can not wear a belt! tie at the waist and emphasize the waist.

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