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How to apply glow powder

How to apply bronzing powder Few of us would like to add your skin glow and light zopalizować

Some of us would like to add your skin glow and lightly zopalizować ga This can be done in a very simple way, using the reflection metal powder must, however, know how to use it properly so as not to overdo it incorrectly applied the powder looks. .. artificial leather. Here are tips on how to avoid it.
u Choose the appropriate reflection in the powder. / u the task is a little darker skin bronzer. Choose a shade so that only a shade darker than the color of your skin. in powder to warm up the skin in a natural way. mismatched face bronzer adds unnatural. If you have a fair complexion, look honey colored bronze if your complexion is between light and darkness, only to get a shade of gold dust, or a different life, with a dark complexion yellow powder work best .
u Choose a wide, fluffy brush. / u The best is the one with rounded, soft fiber. If it is too small and stiff, leave ugly stains of powder. Generally, the best brushes with natural bristles.
u Apply surface. / u of untreated skin from the fat can make our powder will be formed in the bemused, clean it thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of icing first, as a base. Do not apply primer, as this may cause a bronzer will look muddy. If you have dry skin, moisturize it properly before applying the glaze.
u sprinkle evenly with a brush bronzers. / u Just a little. nałożyłaś But if too much bronzer, just shred it with a brush on the tissue.
u Apply bronzer on areas such as cheekbones, top of the forehead, nose, chin / u lightly coating it on other parts of the face. saturation should be at once too intense. build color gradually applying bronzer.
u Ideally, youll be shooting in daylight. / u It is best to get the desired effect, not an artificial entity. Artificial light can be tricky. thus avoid imposing too much bronzer .

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