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How to style your hair

How to style your hair often happens that, despite our efforts, the hair still does not look like we expected

Is often the case that, despite our efforts, the hair still does not look like what we expected or are heavy and look like a slicked, or rather -. As straw Here are some ways to cope with this problem .
reliable way of modeling the hair is to use several types of products, depending on the stage of installation. On wet hair, apply a fine spray is the best, then foam, and when your hair is dry, I recommend the use of tires. After the final shape of the haircut we use color
hair spray should be used with caution and moderation when we use it too, which creates a crust when sprayed hair too close - ... posklejaj─ů best to use colors from a distance of about 30 cm - solves evenly on hair and hairstyles and will still be light. It is worth to buy cosmetics with proteins such as silk, that will make your hair soft and shiny.
improper additives, especially those without flushing, often make our hair are heavy and difficult to organize. the best nutrients in the form of fog, which are used in reasonable amounts, and not massaged into the skin.
When we dry hair, use hair care products treated with hot air. modeled best with a brush, which prevents excessive puszeniu hair dryers are the perfect solution modeling tips
przyklapni─Öte If your hair is, you might want to use cosmetics that will make them based on this is also the same schedule - ... hair brush and pick them and dry them.
using straighteners, remember that just straighten your hair dry. After the procedure, so that the hair is damaged, so at their ends to impose a strong condition and regularly undercut by the hairdressers. good solution currently available ceramic straighteners and air that is less damage to the hair.

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