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How to add growth

How to add an increase in height has a lot to do with attitude, but the right clothes can help

Height has a lot to do with attitude, but the right clothes can help
buying clothes, choose a color palette of one color one color family from head to toe fool the eye and brain, as a person .... you look szczupło and long
Choose clothing that does not divide into blocks of your body women, choose a long, slim dresses or skirts and pants without a belt
: Men, decide on the thin strip. same color as the pants
Select tailored clothing with stitching and zaszewkami looser clothing often extend
buy clothes with vertical patterns: ... thin strips, visible seams, interesting buttons and contrasting ties
Wear heels!
Sometimes the easiest way to add growth .
If you are overweight, try to lose it. Slim always seems to be higher.

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