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How to do a pedicure at home

How to do pedicure at home all season sandals mobilize women to take care of your feet

. Season sandals
mobilizes all women to take care of its own, unfortunately, after the winter, thick socks and heavy boots, they are often ignored a thick layer of keratinized epidermis and unsightly nails so far are not suitable for sensitive przyodziania sandals. and slippers, a maximum time for a thorough pedicure.
process begins washing off the old nail polish. As the nail, so we are trying to use nail polish remover without acetone, which adversely affects the nail bed.
then prepare a special bath for the feet. prepare a bowl of warm water with additives and soaked his feet in about 20 minutes. we can add a little water in the bath liquid, salt, honey, milk, and to relax a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as the energizing scent of oranges. After
20 minutes, start peeling winter skin. first rubbed horny heel ankle pumice, and then massage the entire foot with rough peeling. If you have not finished cosmetic product, we use salt mixed with olive oil, oil, homemade beauty product works very well.
feet dry with a towel, without forgetting the spaces between the toes. Then cut and polish them opiłowujemy. not cut the nail too close to the skin and gives it a somewhat square shape, so it will not be settled in the skin. They should already be sufficiently softened water you will not have to use additional liquids or gels. moved them gently with a wooden stick.
Now we put a foot thick layer of cream and nutritional perform a relaxing massage, and rubbing cream. If you want the cream is very well absorbed, nałóżmy foot plastic bags and thick woolen socks, no. Hold compress on your feet for about 20 minutes, and when you take off, will be surprised at how smooth legs.
After removing the socks to leave feet for a while, so little przeschły, then Degrease nails and put conditioner on it. Then, if you want, Now you can use nail color. best used at the same time a special foam separator, so that the toes do not rub against each other and clashed fresh paint.
Finally, as the crowning work, foot deodorant spray for your feet and youre done! Now the legs are beautiful and fragrant wildflowers like, you is not nothing but put the most beautiful and no sandals hit the road.

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