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How to Make Toothpaste

How to make toothpaste toothpaste Independent do is very simple

making toothpaste is a very simple recipe for toothpaste that will be useful for those who have small children or those who have recently had surgery fluorination toothpaste with this provision .. totally non-toxic.
Pour a half cup of baking soda in a bowl.
Add a pinch of salt.
Add 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide.
add 1 drop. peppermint oil
Add a little stevia - the more you add the pasta to will be more sweet -. All
mix thoroughly until a suitable consistency of toothpaste toothpaste If too thick, add more hydrogen peroxide.
plant Stevia can be purchased as a list, a sweetener in liquid and powdered sweetener. paste teeth do not use Stevia powder. buy stevia plant include Allegro.

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