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How to quickly improve the look

How quickly improve the look you do not have time to do the exact make-up and a great haircut is no problem

do not have time to do the exact make-up and a great haircut I have no problem bringing small and effective way to quickly improve the appearance
little pink on the tips of the ears, when we go to visit? .. Emphasizes fresh look and performance all the makeup.
When you have a bad day and you look pathetic, little put Rouge on the cheeks, and not only, but in the middle of the forehead and chin. carefully arranged. It really brightens the face.
If your The lower lip is a little flat, give her a bump after umalowaniu its central part, put a little lip gloss
When youre nervous and your hands sweat easily you like. little sympathy at the hands of an antiperspirant agent, let it dry. help for many hours.
When your hair is dry and become electrified przygładź them slightly wet hands.
your lashes will look twice as long if you paint them in the following way: ink layer, a layer of glaze, and then pull them in ink
If you comb the bangs and it happens that the hair is not fluffy, but do not have time to wash them in full, wash only .. giving it a fluffy hair with bangs and brush the entire operation takes a few minutes and youre ready
podwijały eyelash nice to him paint like this. put the first coat of mascara only at their end Wait until dry then paint them .. along the entire length from root to end.
sprinkled with large production within lashes, a little ink-coated gold or silver powder. suitable glow to the face.
To resolve this lipstick after they umalowaniu bed for a few seconds, a piece of ice
you can improve your hairstyle as follows:. Do my hair - dry - on the rollers, and then wrap your head with a damp cloth to dry the hair dryer after 10 minutes the hair is ready for a haircut ...
hang in the bathroom with a thin handkerchief on his head, which zasłonisz head and face when you put a sweater or blouse, without opening it. This way you are to protect from dust and traces of makeup. And his face is fine, does not require amendment.
once a week to wash all utensils and toiletries, makeup - the health and aesthetics.

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