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How to treat burns

How to treat burns too long to sit in the sun and sun without proper protection can cause sunburn

too long to sit in the sun and sun without proper protection can cause burns burns can be very painful and hurts us, you can follow even for a few days if you are on vacation as the recording could be a nightmare for of us. Instead of the beach and the sea, we have to sit in a hotel room or at best to hide somewhere in the shade under a tree. Although each of us knows what are the risks of sun exposure is too long and so obstinately lay in the sun - because youve finally If you come back with a suntan przeliczyłeś with his forces, or would like to go back in time to get rid of the pain miraculously and red colors, read the following instructions to
.. just start to feel the pain quickly goes into a cold shower or sit in the bathtub with warm water. the water will add a mint tea. Do not use soap or shower gel that does not violate the protective layer of skin.
Lubricate all body kefir, yogurt or sour cream. Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water .
Apply to burned skin aloe vera gel. If you have a balm in pots, and then reduce the number of stems, squeeze juice from them and apply to burn. fresh aloe vera juice will bring more relief than store bought aloe vera gel.
affected area apply a cold compress soaked in the extract of mint tea.
take aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve pain and inflammation.
wear loose clothing that will not stick to the skin and does not further irritate the burn.
Drink lots of water to be hydrated.
If you have on hand to wipe the banana paste and brush it irritated the skin, leave for 15 minutes rinse with cold water. Bananas contain potassium and vitamin A, which reduce inflammation.
Vitamin C restores skin balance. mix favorite moisturizing cream with lemon juice and brush the meat.
Mix egg yolk with honey and apply to areas burned by the sun. Honey contains vitamins and minerals, which smoothes the skin while the yolk contains lecithin, which has medicinal properties similar to vitamin
E. Mix cocoa butter with coconut oil. This mixture will help you heal faster burned skin from the sun.
keep your skin well hydrated at all times. Use a soothing lotion for after sun.
to your diet Vitamin B complex of B vitamins, restores the balance of the skin.

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