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How to massage the face

How to massage the face, apply sunscreen every day, combined with facial massage helps you relax, unwind and restore skin elasticity

Apply sunscreen every day, combined with facial massage helps to relax, unwind and restore skin elasticity After such treatment, facial muscles are relaxed and your skin will become healthy and the color will be bright Regular facial massage also causes difficult fight and eliminate the swelling and make it you just need a cream and a few minutes of free time.
odgarnij Connect the hair from his forehead with the bracelet.
Clinique Take care. skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
Take the cream, rub it on your hands and wait to receive the body temperature
Nakremowanymi fingers -. shows, middle and ring - staggers a small circle, stroking the chin, cheeks and temples . br
incredible small circles - index and middle finger - massage .. furrow running from the corners of the mouth to the chin, then massage from chin to nose
still reeling nose wheel massage heads for eyebrow
Energiczniejszym motion massage the point between the eyebrows
Move index fingers to the head -. with one finger on the right temple, the other on the left -. temples come full dozen rings - index and middle finger -. Wheels staggers in order not to distract your fingers or a moment of your skin.
head massage and stroking the center of the temple with three middle fingers.
skin generally, but also about massaging very gently so as to not stretch. Instead knead her place. Massage start from the inner corner of eye heading for the upper eyelid, and then kÄ…cikowi out and down toward the lower eyelid.
neck massage are all hands in circular motions from the base of the sloping shoulders of the breast.
perform neck massage from the base of the jaw to slant toward the ears, without the center door. uklepuj beard gently outside hands.

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