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How to choose sunscreen

How to choose sunscreen Most of us know how much sun can be harmful to our skin

.. Most of us know how much sun can be harmful to our skin The best protection is to protect clothing, a hat and sunglasses whenever possible, but since this is not always practical, you must have .. always with a cream sunscreen trick is to find the best protection from the sun, let it be at hand and do not forget to put it back on
know the difference between sunscreen blocker sunscreen -. Milk oil, etc. - every product that contains an SPF factor of 15 or less, or 15 times the skin is burned more slowly if you have it to yourself but if you do not have any sun protection product that has an SPF of 30 or more ..
Use cream with filter SPF 30 or more If you have fair skin, if you are in a position near the equator, or if youre outside in the warm, sunny day between 10.00 and 16.00 Protect your children well. life, the most damage. caused by the sun before they reach the age of most people with fair complexions need more protection
Make sure the sunscreen is broad protection from UVA rays -. ultraviolet - or UVB - Ultraviolet B -. Ultraviolet radiation in high doses increases the formation and thus malignant melanoma skin cancer
You know what you get for the protection of the filter SPF 15 protects against 94% - .. 95 per cent protection from UVB, SPF 28 has a 96 percent protection. Get
waterproof sunscreen if you swim or sweat.
Look for unscented and hypoallergenic cream with a filter, if you allergic to certain products for the body. make a small patch to confirm that the cream is cream truly hypoallergenic.
according to your desired choice of lotions, gels, sticks, ointments and sprays. stick to best protect your mouth, spray speed operation wiercÄ…cymi children.

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure to skin. Most people need about 30 grams of cream with a filter or a glass cover your body. Repeat imposing cream every two hours or more often if you swim or sweat profusely.

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