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How to make lemon oil

How to make lemon oil, lemon oil is obtained from the fruit peel

lemon oil is obtained from the bark of fruit was found wide application in medicine, after the household has a unique flavor and fragrance manufacturers considerable amount of lemon oil for commercial purposes in order to apply the method ... cold stamping. Machines under the influence High pressure oil literally squeeze the lemon rind. To get 30 grams of oil should be about 100 lemons. However, there is another way of getting a lemon oil. Here are tips on how to do it.
Use the scraper to wipe the surface layer of the yellow citrus peel Lemon.
will put previously prepared jar.
pour into a jar with olive oil. grated rind of the fruit must be fully covered. jar tightly spinning.
jar from the skin with olive oil and let it sit for few weeks. It is best if you leave it in a sunny window. Note to once or twice a day to shake the jars, so that the mixture together.
Then strain the mixture through a fine sieve, to separate skin and oil. Throw the skin, oil and pour into a clean pan.

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