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How to do it for a summer party makeup

How to do makeup for a summer party with a quick ami comes time for the holiday playground, mini-events and gatherings with friends

. With fast
time is coming for the holiday playground, mini-events and meetings with friends, everyone of us often wonder during this period to new creations, and most importantly, hair and make-up. Always try to do everything to surprise and amaze your friends with new ideas of where we have fun. summer, as always, full of promotions, especially the leading cosmetic companies. therefore should benefit from opportunities to make a cheap and attractive shopping and supply of cosmetics, which will enable us to carry out bold and unusual ideas. fantasy and mystery are two things that are needed. So do not forget the black, which stimulates the imagination, is a mysterious, elegant and sensual.
decides to bold makeup party, do not forget to You must communicate with each other perfectly, and the skin on the face should be well hydrated and rested.
corrector conceals imperfections and brightens the skin under the eyes by applying a thin layer of bright green equalizer.
face and put the prepared surface - the best light in liquid form for all of these steps very carefully, do not fail thoroughly sanding the edges of color
whole face carefully powdered matte powder is transparent
... br In fashion, more and more black makeup, dark shades lined with silver , gold and red. secret, eyes searching the dark eyes, soft pencil, and then cover the lid with a black matte shadows, making sure that the color saturation was greatest in the outer corner of eye.
illuminates the inner corner of eye pearly white shadow and then only when we put silver glitter eyelashes.
lower eyelid prominent black eye the boat by pulling the line above the outer corner of eye. Then
hides a lot of eyelashes and shiny temples przyprószamy icing and silver glitter with a hint of red.
highlight cheekbones and pink shades brązerem.
very important element of make-up lips. Do not forget, however, the principle of moderation. If you are very stressed eyes, lips in a gentle tone. Scheme paragraph mark in the natural shade of pencil and fill in a little pink Lip Gloss. To make them unique and sexy look in the middle of putting a little red glow.
Therefore, with a touch of make-up madness and extravagance is sure to attract attention and boost enthusiasm with the rest of the party.

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