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To ease the pain of hair

In order to ease the pain of hair removal to reduce pain during epilation Yes, it is possible to remove hair is always painful for the first time!

? ..
Reduce pain during epilation Yes, it is possible to remove hair is always painful for the first time with any sense of it all in less tenderness hair removal is difficult to believe, especially when the first Italian break. However, After reading this article you will know what to do to ease the pain, no matter how many times depilowałaś earlier.
u anesthesia. / u about 15 minutes before applying the wax, apply anesthetic spray to the skin - such as Active Ice spray -. 30-45 min before surgery Take aspirin or ibuprofen This is especially useful when the epilation the skin above the lip and bikini line ..
u Go to profesjonalistki. / u look for someone who has experience in performing hair removal. he will choose the type of wax for hair, appropriately adjusts its thickness and professionally perform the treatment. This is especially important when. bikini hair removal
seafront Preheat the depilated area / u Take a hot -. not hot -. showers or just before waxing, apply warm compresses to the skin It will open your pores and cause that the Italian will give easier to remove.
peels seafront uses for the body. / u What Regarding the facial skin is usually scaly hair removal, ie, the body needs extra care. little grainy body scrub removes dead skin cells, unblock pores and hair follicles, making hair removal can be more effective and less painful.
u not use a toner. / u This closes the pores, the hair will be more difficult to put on the hair follicle. For this reason, prior to epilation, avoid using narrow pores.
u anesthesia, do not use ice. / u May you feel that ice is an excellent anesthetic that relieves you wax. However, applying a little cold in the pores of the skin. And you think that the skin is released, and then opened.
not drink much caffeine or alcohol. / u in hair removal drinking several glasses of wine or beer seems to be a great idea, but actually makes the skin more sensitive than usual. If you want to drink, drink a few hours before the procedure.
u do not think waxing is something simple. / u Contrary to popular belief, hair removal is performed in the comfort of your own home is not easy. very difficult to do yourself, especially if you do not know how to do it.
u Do not strain. / in Some women epilation hold their breath and tighten your entire body. Maybe this is not a simple thing, but try to breathe deeply. When I relax a lot better to stand the pain.
u not of epilation, which patients should not be removed hair. / u inside the nose, ears, eyelids, nipples and male genitals should not be depilated! epilation was not too nervous and burns the skin, moles, warts and pimples. It is not only dangerous, but its painful.

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