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How to do foot massage

How to do foot massage foot massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax

Foot massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax relaxes, calms and soothes Each massage can help your health -. No one made by a licensed massage therapist massage can make your blood begins to circulate more., improves metabolism, and toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. It is not difficult. Here you will find instructions on how to perform a massage on their own.
relaxing foot massage can do the same, or ask a loved one. best to do it in the evening after a day of rush. Relax, take a hot bath with fragrant oils. massage should last 20 minutes.
Keep your legs with both hands and twisted in different directions. Pull gently to each finger, move your foot to make a beehive and ankle.

thumb and forefinger to accept the big toe and foot massage - it .. up, down and side to avoid repeating the same finger nail on the second leg
Grasp foot with both hands so that your toes touch the feet rate Make circular motions with your thumb moves up on the toes to the heel Repeat with other foot - if someone ... foot massage is performed to understand the character to touch the feet -
inner and outer edges of foot massage in circular motions, beginning and ending heel Toe Repeat this process several times, massaging the feet alternately
Do not forget to massage your ankles with your thumb - finger .... journalists working in any time after 2-3 bends massage the space between the inner ankle heel, and from the outer ankle and heel .
Finally, rub the feet olive or lotion. gently massage the feet of spiraling back, give your hive, and then tap with your fingers.

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