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Fashion haircuts for summer 2011

Fashion haircuts for summer 2011 Looking for sexy hair to the beach if you want to connect to your hair because of the heat Below you will find the latest styles for summer 2011 straight from the catwalk.?

looking for sexy hair to the beach if you want to connect to your hair because of the heat Below you will find the latest styles for summer 2011 straight from the runways
u draped low-tail? .. / U
Apply mousse to hair on the base, then carefully comb through the same region. Gather your hair down the back and tie with elastic bands for hair into a ponytail. Add endings to use a little glamor and glow accessories.
u draped mess. / u
Moisten slightly dry hair, then tie the loose and low tail and roll the hair into it, the risk of making a loop and attach paper clips This creates a little mess Do not worry if it does not look perfect, because it does not need
u Loop rolls / u
smooth and low loop is attached to an alternative to the mess. Do not parted on the side of the head and separate the hair. below to catch all the hair in a low tail at the back, fold in half and tie, how to create a loop on the side. At the end of the hair spray paint.
seafront gentle waves. / u
Apply mousse to wet hair, and tighten the head 4 to 6 small koczków, protecting them with a needle. When hair is dry, remove pins, shake your hair and get beach hair effect.
u Imperfect pony. / u
during lazy summer days when you want to put minimal effort into CONTAIN styling in a low tail, then drag it to raise several kosmykówi pony up production rozczochrania.
u wet pony. / u Wet
pony in a woman leaves the impression that just came out of a shower and only managed to tie her hair. Yes To get this effect for a long time, apply to wet hair from the tops of the same final; ... WKI strong styling gel Move the hair back using your fingers, pull it gently over the ears and tied in a ponytail to give your hair shine spray to shine It Most importantly, you can easily and quickly do the hair right after exiting the shower or pool.
u wind in your hair. / u
hairstyle inspired by 60th of dissolved hair, straight from the finish a bit neglected. On dry hair, apply a style products, which give the hair volume. włosówu database using a round brush, which gently lift them. Finally, some dried hair dryer from the front.
u high and massive rolls. / u I
parted in the middle and odgarnij hair on the sides. Then they contain is in the high tail. Podtapiruj hair in a pony to become thicker and puszystsze. Remove it and wrap it around the base of the pony, and create a rounded cake. Secure hair using wsuwek and clips and spray paint is solid.
u Beach spin. / u
Apply first prepared this hairstyle hair styling products, then the deep division on one side and began to hair. Share them in small parts and coil them zróbz. You can use a straightener to fix the coil to catch hair. After catching włosóww low center ponytail, divide them into two parts and use rubber instead of one node zróbz wsuwkami it protects.
u beat API? CIA e / u
To create this hairstyle, hold the hair just above the ear, and fasten in the back, and then add more API? CIA caught accidentally locks. left at the end of the fragments of hair, gently fold in the loop and secure with paper clips. Finally, hair spray varnish for better preservation.

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