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How to choose a swimsuit

How to choose a swimsuit Everyone of us wants to look her best on the beach

Everyone of us wants to look at the beach, and of course we want to make a skimpy bathing suit so you can tan as much as the body, but we also want to attract other peoples views on the Beach -. And it does not look complete. Damage, but full agreement Choosing a swimsuit is not readily What looks great on models that will not necessarily look like us and vice versa - .. plain and average bathing suit in the exhibition catalog may look good, but if you take it on themselves. choosing a swimsuit must be guided not Only fashion or color, and fashion. Here are some tips to choose a bathing suit different types of profiles.
u swimwear for pear / u
Figure -. pears. obwódw obwódw hips higher hands of the very small breasts, relatively small breasts, slim waist What you need to do is to slim the hips, breasts enlarge and extend hands to choose a guardian.?; West cut bottom firmly on the hips - really carved legs spread panties and slimming the hips Keep boxers and Mini skirts for breast augmentation choose implants strójz magnifying Top should be pretty much covered

seafront small breasts, slim hips - boyish figure / u
If you have small breasts I would definitely be visually enlarge How to choose a swimsuit with ruffles on the chest.? entries or magnifying - or strengthening -. same applies to the increase in the hips and give them a feminine form If you can not find a costume that has ruffles down the selected at least one that is bound to Avoid the sides of the machine .. where the mountains are composed of the same material, with no stiffness.
u big belly / u
tłuszczyku If you have a full stomach youll definitely want to hide Choose solid color bikini, satin, muted in color if you want to buy a tankini - .. like the picture on the left -. choose one that you will not be top opinać too, it is best to choose the clothes, but a tight one-piece swimsuit with cut figs and a low cut neckline, which will come out from inside your body .
seafront large breasts / u If
your breast size D-size or larger, then go for the triangular bowls that will keep your breasts and bra excision should be as much as possible - . less cleavage in a swimsuit, the more your breasts will look bigger. I choose a swimsuit with a brace on his chest and broad strip.
u Plus Size / u
If you wear a large size definitely wanted to hide small wrinkles and flatten them. If so, choose a swimsuit, the tape moves in a vertical or diagonal line. Avoid strapless rounded. Choose matte dress, no glittering parts and best single color. Just because youre a little overweight does not mean you avoid the hard- cut bathing suits - on the contrary very cut and visually lengthen your hips wyszczupli Choose a swimsuit with bust of determining Be sure to choose a good point too small clothes folds of fat ....

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