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How to care for normal skin

How to care for normal skin Every woman knows that skin care is especially important to keep her healthy appearance

.. Every woman knows that skin care is especially important that she maintain a normal healthy skin does not present much difficulty does not mean, however, you should not worry about it
For dry cleaning skin, the use of basic resources such as water and soap. soaps are used only in the evening to remove dust from the surface of the skin, dirt and dust over time. morning, while the use of soap is unnecessary.
the best rain water or spring water from wells. If tap water contains a lot of chlorine or other chemicals that we put in a bowl of water, uncovered, for at least 24 hours in the air, even though some of them disappeared. washed evening, you can use hot water and boiled, and in the morning to wash your face, pure mineral water.
normal skin does not require funding for their education. In case of severe cold or the sun can be lightly grease protective cream such as Nivea, Bambino, who does not remain absorbed Were outta evening cleaning. Use sunscreen and cover children with sensitive skin, normal, and mature women. This prevents future wrinkles.
normal skin requires care in cosmetic surgery, because if you do not need, do not improve nature. and skin kids and adults woman is flawless, so no need for anything better.
visit cosmetic because it is so cool and everyone is doing it, it can only harm your skin. This can be It occurs mostly in women, it encourages the emergence of womens hormone system. Here are some tips on how to fight cellulite.
u Frequent changes in body weight / u Origin of cellulite
encourage frequent fluctuations in weight. If you lose weight, remember that fast weight loss can also cause a breakdown of aesthetics.
u Keep in mind what you eat / u If
weight loss plan you have cellulite you need to change your eating habits. Preservatives and highly processed foods promote cellulite. To get rid of cellulite is also trying to reduce salt, alcohol and coffee - dehydration -. Replace animal fats in vegetable oils. Eating too much citrus fruit acids contained in them have a positive impact on the distribution of adipose tissue - grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons -.
u massage and cellulite
/ u
Massaging the areas where cellulite is visible smoothing can pomócw fat. Massage is one of the best ways to combat cellulite by improving circulation and blood flow to the skin. Massage can do in the shower. Additional results obtained from massage creams antycellulitowymi supported. If you like Chinese medicine recommends Chinese bubble -. A lot of cellulite and skin firming
u Peeling and cellulite / u Peeling
used at least once a week to help break up the concentration of fat causing cellulite. For cellulite on thighs and buttocks, you can use plain rough bark. In contrast, stomach and arm exfoliation is better to use finer and contains moisturizing substances.
u Citrus Juice / u
Rubbing lemon juice, grapefruit or orange variety; wnież process helps break down body fat. Top rub the juice immediately after peeling, they will absorb better.
Opatija road cellulite cream / u
can also be used to support the decomposition of cellulite creams available in pharmacies, but you should realize that the use of these creams only without simultaneous massages and body scrubs will bring, a small effect.
seafront hormonal pills and cellulite / u

Hormonal tablete can cause cellulite.

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