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The makeup suits of winter beauty

The make-up suits of winter beauty winter woman, as the name implies, is the coldest type of beauty

Winter, as the name implies, is the coldest type of beauty of a woman with such beauty seem to be cool, stylish and afford to have dark brown hair from the cold - .. Szatynki - from brown, dark chestnut in cold in black. shade of skin is cool, but it does not necessarily have the color of porcelain. Winter is also a woman with dark hair and olive complexion. Winter eyes can have almost any color, from blue to gray to green to brown and black. As OO colors this winter fit different colors, and cold and warm. It looks great in gray, black, white and blue, but it also fits in red, brown and all kinds of roses.
Powder in a choice should not be a big problem. You have great skin, so you probably use the lightest shade of ivory. If youre dark-skinned winter, it can be a lot harder. Then you must try. Your complexion is probably the olives, so it will fit in a dark beige color. No matter how dark your skin is always buy the wick in the cold tone.
Roses should also be in a cold tone. Do not use a bronzer. As for the color pink, to be compared with your complexion. So if youre pale, strong buy with a natural color pink or peach clear. I would rather not choose a bright pastel colors. Also, if you have darker skin, you should choose a strong, cold bronze or cold, dark pink - pink. Indian
As for eyeshadows, it suits you a lot of variation. The best idea for make-up, however, a possibility with black markings. When you have dark eyes, you should carefully pack it in crayon, which will emphasize its shine. If you are pale and have different colored eyes, you can successfully use eyeliner and mascara for that and nothing more.
It will also give a smokey eye, especially if you have blue or gray eyes. You can use this in the shade of nude lipstick and light pink or peach, just be careful not to overdo it and do not look as pale.
As for shadow colors to match your winter colors, of course, that is, black, gray, white and blue. Besides green, brown, cream, pink. You can also use warm colors like gold, yellow, etc.. This, however, be taken into account. in cellophane and give it to someone as a gift
soap should be wiped off the coarse mesh more vegetables - .. as spending on cheese pizza soap chips mounted on a metal bowl and add them about 5 tablespoons of water, the soap to dissolve more easily
pot boil water and put on a pot with water and soap -. Similarly topimy chocolate -. The whole time we mixed mass of soap and pay close attention not to boil and add the melted soap. turn all the extra ingredients such as two teaspoons of ground almonds and two teaspoons of honey. When you combine the components perfectly and form a homogeneous mass, remove the pot from the boiling pot and stir for a while.
inside the prepared mold smear olive oil, for example, the easiest way to put a paper towel, which rozsmarowujemy oil inside the mold Now we put the soap into molds and put the full weight of the mold in the refrigerator for at least half an hour -. time depends on the size of the mold, it is known that the smaller faster stwardniej─ů
After this time, remove the molds from the refrigerator and gently opukujemy. Kredy should jump nicely with them.
Kredy are very effective, especially if we have a good idea for your decoration. If you have a mold in the shape of fish, we can add the weight of soap slightly shiny glitter, which will initially pretended to fish scales, and the use of glow will come down with soap and przyczepiał body, leaving them shiny, just in time for the competition.
Another idea might be adding to the composition of ground nuts, soap, so you can scrub soap.

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