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How to mineral eyeliner

In mineral eyeliner Eyeliner is a beauty, without which many women can not imagine the makeup

Eyeliner is a beauty, without which many women can not imagine his makeup, however, there are some situations that our eyes are very sensitive and allergic reactions to any chemical cosmetics available in pharmacies .. What should I do? Completely abandon makeup? No, Im your favorite beauty products. In this article youll learn a recipe for mineral eyeliner. can do the lines or add a recipe to your favorite pigments and apply it as eye shadow. list of ingredients may seem intimidating, but no problem buying everything in it on the Internet, for example, on our website
Mating melt and mix the ingredients together stages I do not cook them! After mixing, allow to sit for the party.
Mix ingredients in a mortar with the Phase II . Well pestle, crush, no lumps. sprinkle them into the pan.
Pour into a bowl of melted wax mixture, stirring until smooth and dry ingredients, not in combination. If the wax starts to coagulate too quickly, place bowl in a pan steaming.
When mixture is uniform, pour in a wide straw. Do not forget to pre-certainly one of its objectives through film and tape. hold erect straw when poured into the mixture. presented here should be sufficient to produce proportions of the three eyelinerów. Leave
filled with straw for a few hours aside to cool at room temperature. When this happens, they get worse with a lip pencil sharpener.
If you prefer, you can finally wrap the paper liner. Do not attempt to remove the straws in the same time! gradually get rid of it, every time you sharpen your pencil.

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