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How to create a stylish haircut

How to create an elegant hairstyle Do not have an idea for a hairstyle for a party or a wedding If so, read the following statement after the use of a truly Victorian hairstyle?

Would you like a hairstyle for fun or wedding If so, read the following instructions when
a truly Victorian
Attach the hair on medium high in the tail.
Interweaving tips clipped based on pony hair. to facilitate lean forward to get your head down. Wrap the ends around your finger, and then export it as a rubber band and pull the hair down.
Share your hair into three pieces and secure them with rubber bands, then plait braid and secure it with a rubber band.
roll up the bottom end, upinajÄ…c that clips right under the hole ponies.
Hide Top Add the dissolved hair ornaments
additional steps ....
Make pony
Steer hair until they start to wrap the rubber band and fasten still keeps wrapped around its axis pony push its end into a hole made in the hair on the tail. ends hide and poprzypinaj wsuwkami.
Add hair ornaments.

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