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What mistakes to avoid using a sauna?

What mistakes to avoid use of sauna is ideal for those who want to rebuild your body after a hard day of work or exercise?

Sauna is ideal for those who want to rebuild your body after a hard day of work or exercise is not only positively affects our health, but also relaxes the body and so soothing. And calming effect on the psyche. But if it is Use the wrong way, you can not get the desired effect. what mistakes to avoid using a sauna? Here are some of them.
common mistake that people make the most of it is all too often use the sauna. You should only use it 2 times a week and those who participate in sports to 3 times a week. People who practice sports aktywnie should go to the sauna to give up the day of exercise and spend time just to relax and regenerate. This allows the effects of the sauna will be most visible.
second mistake people do not commit introduces the features of this site, it is inappropriate to prepare the body for the procedure. first
IEM, which should primarily done before entering the sauna to shower to remove all kinds of dirt and sweat, and then carefully dry the body with towel.
sauna should not go naked, or in the wrong compression underwear. best to set up cotton clothes or towels.
Another very common mistake is to use the sauna, while the post. It is very dangerous for people at risk to pale and faint. On the other hand, the last meal should take place two hours before the session in the sauna.
This day is required to issue alcohol. Lots of people do not pay attention to whether the decline in the sauna while wearing all ornaments in the form of pendants, etc.. It is not advisable, because under the influence of temperature inside the sauna, and decorations can cause burns on the body.
Women often forget washing off makeup before entering the sauna. It is bad for our skin because it influences the growth bacteria and the cause of many contaminants, and promote the development of acne. Lots of people forget that the human body needs some time to get used to the high or low temperatures. so I can not sit on first entering one of the top step, but should begin ready. to overcome, but it would be a little poćwiczyła you. Here are instructions
within the topic how to do this cake.
for washing hair. Wait a bit przeschną. Using a round brush, dry hair-raising them and cheering them on with a brush at the bottom. hair should be raised and resolved. You can put in front of the foam on the hair to be more sensitive to alignment.
longer hair is completely dry Heat curling iron. Use it to waves on the head, waving hair falling over his forehead, as seen in Fig. Pofaluj hair at the front and rear ends of hair. Comb your hair lightly
natapiruj at the top of the head, for further rose. Hair can be przyklapnięte.
Gather all the hair on one side of the head. Start to wrap the hair with the head, which is not coca. So it is evident in the photograph above. hair loosely attached. In this way, all the hair bundle heading towards the ear.
Other, earlier lokówce chignon all, will do nicely. Wywiń them loosely bind the remaining hair. Create an artistic mess. Attach the loose hair in front of the ear, leaving it loose at the head, as seen in Fig. styling hair spray.
This view of the finished cake. looks great. lets go!

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