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How to make a necklace of beads with crayons

How to make a necklace with beads of colored pencils Who would have thought that the colors of crayons, which one day we played in childhood, can restore us to life

Who would have thought that the colored crayons, which one day we played in childhood may come back to us in life and it is in the form of beads from crayons are very simple to do and a large check strung on the line and used as a necklace.
Prepare crayons. can be different colors, can be a shade. Just as you want. Take a crayon and cut the ball with, say, 0.7-inch piece. Do not rush and do not force the ball over hatching. If you do paint, which is covered with crayon could odprysnąć.
representative piece will look like the one pictured. But do not worry, theres a way.
sandpaper and smooth grain with crayons.
now with a very thin wiertełka you drill a hole through the beads. Be careful and cautious.
In the same way to complete the other beads colored pencils. ready
themes are beads on fishing line or cotton thread. necklace is ready.

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