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How to care for the nails

How to care for your nails Beautiful nails are not careful to paint only

Beautiful nails are not only ensure that you are afraid this is also the way they see, and we are following the diet each day is also moisturizing and protecting them from harmful external factors here are tips on how to care. .. nails.
eat the required amount of vitamins in food, vitamins or accept generally rich in vitamin B, calcium and protein.
Wear gloves whenever cleaning, washing dishes, gardening and all the activities in which your hands are exposed to chemicals.
Apply the nail unit, preferably one that does not dry. massage nails and skin as well as capacity set_output sleep before at least once a week.
Cut the peel once a week, so that the moisturizer for the skin . Use cążków or scissors for cuticles. If you do not want to cut, it pulls the rod.
suficie nails giving them an oval or rectangular shapes. short, the less likelihood of fracture.
If you paint your nails, allowing them time to breathing. most you can leave them naked to be able to breathe. not less frequently paint dry and split.

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