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How to make a cake with a tail

How to make a cake with a tail Below youll find a tutorial to make a cake with a tail

Below is a tutorial with a pony making Coca
when it
lightly moisten the hair, spraying them with water spray or wet scrubbing comb.
Comb hair brush.
Tie hair tail with an elastic rubber band at the point where you want to bind the powder.
tail comb to comb or brush your hair look smooth and neat.
collapse into a narrow tail of the rope.
Wrap tail curled tightly around the rubber band wrapped in the form of a cake.
Roll up the eraser end of a pony.
Make a cake with the rest of the hair with wsuwek. If you have long, thick hair, you will need many pins.
Gently spray hairspray hairstyles for better care.
with beautiful hair you are almost ready to dance like a ballerina!

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