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How to make a reflection on the hair

How to make a reflection on the hair in this season, not leaving the property in the salon, do the same natural reflexes

This season, before leaving the property in the salon, do the same natural reflex is natural not only their appearance, but also how to perform the necessary ingredients you will find in your own kitchen ..
u Lemon / u
most popular natural hair bleach is a lemon. Mix ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice ¾ cup water. Pour the whole bottle with atomizer. hair spray, but not at the base. Leave mixture on hair for 2 hours, of which Wash your hair and apply conditioner on it and then rinse it with chamomile tea. out in the sun for 30 -60 Minutes. Repeat treatment every other day until you get a nice, natural reflexes.
u Med / u Honey
Despite viscous consistency, I really can not lighten hair. You can apply directly to damp hair and leave them for 2 hours. Another way is to mix equal parts honey, lemon juice and water. Pour the whole bottle of hair spray and spray. Allow an hour in the sun. After this time, wash your hair twice to remove the honey from them. hair will be very resilient and will appear in their natural reflexes.
u Beer / u
Light beer is a great way of weaving hair into natural hair muśniętych thinking. Buy a six pack of light beer. four bottles to pour into the bowl. Indulge your hair in beer and go out into the sun. the other two drinking beer, waiting for an hour, until mixture starts. After this time, rinse hair with cold water. award to her favorite, moisturizing conditioner. treatment is repeated 2-3 times a week.

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