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How to use face masks

How to use face masks on the market there are a lot of masks, different in nature and composition

Available in the market is a lot of masks, different in nature and composition of which to choose how to peel-off mask clay mask that is best for you and the knowledge of the properties? Use of various masks will allow them to perfectly correspond to the problems faced by your skin. short guide to the world of masks, see below.
seafront mask with clay or mud / u
mask that removes toxins and helps get rid of excess sebum and debris that block pores, which leads to the appearance of pimples and acne. especially convenient if you want to get rid of blackheads. Some types of clay for reducing the. now mask with clay and mud is recommended especially for oily and combination skin, but there are those that can be used for all skin types
method of application.: / em
Apply the mask evenly face, avoiding eye area. If there nałożyłabyś mask, after drying can take the delicate skin around the eyes, which led to the formation of wrinkles. Leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes. should feel like your skin is becoming increasingly tense. Do not let the mask dry completely. When it starts to happens, lightly spray it with water, preferably using a spray bottle. washing. mask with warm water, do not use it more than 1-2 times a week
. Note: Heavy use of clay masks leads to dry skin

seafront masks crust. off / u
These masks help to get rid of blackheads, reduce pores and remove dead skin cells. usually have a gel consistency that quickly congeals.
i Method of application:. / em
Apply mask on your face, avoiding eye area after 10-15 minutes, solidified, and you feel that your skin has become a pretty tight now .. Start of a rip off the mask, from the This person can be a bit painful, because the removal of the mask pulls the hairs grow on the face of suffering, however, pay off - .. look at the mask, you will see how many blackheads managed to delete it, thanks - .. Like the masks of clay, peel-off mask to use up to 1-2 times a week
seafront masks for the night / u
These masks are usually gel consistency and well-suited as a moisturizing mask. When we sleep, our pores open more than one day. Moreover, the individual stages of sleep, the body is in recovery. So this is the best time to put a good face mask and allow the pores to absorb what is the best way
application. / em
for about 30 minutes before going to bed clean your face, rinse and apply tonic lotion. Then apply on face masks spatula around at night and evenly distributed. Wait until the mask is absorbed, and then lie down again. morning cleanse your face as usual. mask is especially good for trips when you do not have the time or conditions, to use other types of facial masks.
seafront masks in patches / u
They are usually forming a thick piece of paper or fabric in a mask with holes cut for eyes and mouth. soaked in a special liquid, rich in nutritional value. Depending on the needs of the skin, you can find facial moisturizers, remove discoloration, lifting. Using these masks is a very comfortable and enjoyable
Method of application:. / em
remove the mask from the box and place it on your face Set it on. preferably with a face and never lags. Only then the skin can fully absorb the ingredients contained in maseczce. Leave the mask on his face 10-20 minutes. After its picture will remain on your face stays liquid, saturated .. the mask to the face massage it in circular motions massage stimulates circulation, which will help absorb Wait until the liquid is completely absorbed, then apply the cream for the face -. optional -.
Note: .. mask is so rich in nutrients that it can sometimes lead to cleanse the skin and look inside the pimples do not use this mask so just before the big exit
seafront masks Home / u
homemade masks a great alternative to masks purchased at pharmacies. They are equally beneficial effect on the skin, and are made from natural ingredients. This translates not only healthier for the performance these masks, but with a low cost of implementation. As masks were bought at the store, including national and faces are different and should not be abused. Lots provisions Homemade masks for you u HERE. / u

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