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How to make a mask with kiwi

How to make a mask with kiwi Kiwi mask is particularly recommended for dry, gray, tired

kiwi mask is particularly recommended for dry, gray, tired so marvelously refreshed skin after winter, but its worth it to apply throughout the year kiwis are rich in vitamin C, which is very needed in our skin .. .. In addition, these fruits contain certain acids which are great for our skin elasticity. Yogurt has nutritional properties and soothing, orange juice, cleanse and refresh the oil or oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
kiwi peel, remove the hard center and Throw in a blender. Mix the dough.
blender add yogurt, orange juice and olive oil, or oil. re-mix everything in one mass.
Apply mask to cleansed face, neck and shoulders, avoiding the eye area. No Allow mask to dry. may feel a slight burning sensation on the skin, but it is good. This means that the mask works.
Rinse the mask with warm water, at the end of SOPs face with cool water and pat dry. When washing small seeds no further kiwi peeling skin.
Pat favorite cream.

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